Thank you everyone for your patience and support thus far. The blog posts are being published fairly regularly and the different calculators I've built for calculating Energy Usage, Vapour Pressure Deficits, and Daily Light Integrals (DLI) are very popular with almost everyone. The various courses are still under development, in many ways I think I may have bitten off enough to choke me, but I will soldier on, since so many people keep asking about them.

The Facebook Page is slowly growing, we should hit 1,200 Followers this week, or maybe next. Lots of great feedback coming from Facebook, and many of the blog posts are directly influenced by the questions received via chat, posted comments, and through email.

If you've got ideas for new content, or are looking for answers to specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. This blog and the growing Facebook page are all about delivering useful info for you to become better gardeners; unlikely or not.

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For increased soil health, disturb the soil as little as possible, and keep it covered as much as possible.

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