World Soil Day

World Soil Day is December 5th. Do we have to buy gifts?

Soil Disruption

For increased soil health, disturb the soil as little as possible, and keep it covered as much as possible.

Industrial Agriculture

Between 10% and 14% of total global carbon emissions from industrial agriculture.

Greenhouse Gasses

More than 33% of all greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere are due to land-use changes.

Carbon Footprint

Soil contains 4x the amount of carbon as is found in the atmosphere.

Soil Carbon

The World’s soil contains 2,500 Gigatons of carbon.

Soil Sadness

33% of the world’s soils are degraded.

Paper Weight

Up to 70% of a magazine’s glossy page weight can be attributed to soil fillers in the ink.

Natural Antidepressants

Exposure to the bacteria in soil can help fight depression.


Almost all antibiotics come from microorganisms found in soil.

Nature’s Filter

Soil naturally filters out most toxic chemicals, atmospheric pollution. and other contaminants from water.

Earthworm Population

1.4 Million earthworms can be found in a single acre (4,046.86 m2) of farmland.


1 gram of soil (.03oz) can contain several hundred species of nematodes.

Protozoa Populace

1 gram (.03oz) of soil contains up to 1,000 species of protozoa.

Fabulous Fungi

1 gram (.03oz) of soil contains up to 25,000 species of fungi.

It’s Alive!

Healthy soil is considered a living system.

Plants Talk

Topsoil forms part of the rhizosphere where plants communicate with each other.

Topsoil is Tops

Topsoil is the most critical layer of soil, it’s where we grow our food and is the most vulnerable to being degraded.